I must be honest with you. I cannot put a pen on paper and write sensible sentences. My blog is about my love for books, writing, fountain pens and  photography. I love to write with fountain pens, and, I like to buy them. Whenever I have little money, to the chagrin of my family, I buy fountain pens. I buy books too, mostly digital copies; rarely, physical volumes.

Over the years, I have bought many pens. Since I am not wealthy, my choice of pens has been modest. I mostly buy inexpensive Indian fountain pens, and sometimes, European or American writing instruments that I can afford to purchase.

Since I am apprehensive of my writing skills, I don’t know if I will be able to maintain this blog for long. I hope I can. I will definitely discuss words or writing skills in many posts. My limited computer skills and knowledge of blogging also restricts my enthusiasm for blogging. Let’s see how far this goes!

In image here is a pen called Fellowship Black Bird, a simple pen that I purchased in Rs. 50.00 (0.75 USD). An eyedropper, it writes Indian fine — that is, an undefined tip, usually found in Indian fountain pens. Its nib does not mention tip category, but all those who love Fellowship pens will be delighted to see the ‘two flying birds’ carved on the nib.

This much for now.