Pen: Fellowship Black Bird with Full Plastic Body, Ink: Camlin Royal Blue, Paper: Belt Matrix Natural Notebook
Fellowship Black Bird

Fellowship belongs to one of those cherished memories of student days. I began this blog by writing about this pen, and now add to my exploration of the pen. Its green body has an ink-window in the middle. Clip, cap ring and bottom ring are golden, making the pen attractive. This pen is commonly used by school children. Did I mention that it is an eye dropper?

I like these words by Hemingway: We all are apprentices of a craft in which no one ever becomes a master. If you have ever tried writing, you must have realised that one never learns enough of it. We keep learning novel ways of expressions, of brining clarity in a sentence, and of making our language graceful.

Pen: Fellowship Black Bird Tip: Indian Fine Ink: Camlin, Royal Blue