Airmail pens are made at Airmail House, Ville Parle E, Mumbai. I have visited the factory and  also chatted with the manager of the factory, but all that was long ago, about two years. They make a variety of pens, but this clear demonstrator, made of sheet material, is their speciality.

Airmail, Camlin, Bilt Matrix
Airmail 64T, Eye Dropper Pen, Ink: Camlin Royal Blue, Paper: Bilt Matrix, Natural

The nib is as usual undefined Indian fine, which is European M-F.

”To write simply is as difficult as to be good.” – Somerset Maugham

In the quoted words, Somerset Maugham says that it is difficult to write in a direct, undecorated language. I believe we can write simply only if we are clear in our thinking. Besides, we should be honest as writers. If our purpose is to impress someone with our writing, we cannot write in a simple language.

The Bilt Matrix Natural Notebook states that it has Royal Executive Bond papers, but they look a little yellowish, giving an impression of being hand-made. The papers, however, are smooth, not rough like the hand-made variety.