Pilot manufactures one wonderful writing instrument – Pilot Human Engineering fountain pen with extra fine nib. It is available in two models: one, as seen in the pic, a clear demonstrator; and, another is a black body plastic one.

The extra fine nib writes beautifully. I cannot help compare my experience of using Lamy’s EF nib. The Lamy gave me more starting trouble — most fine nibs and all extra fine nibs give starting trouble — and, even after that, I noticed that the Pilot EF nib gives finer lines than Lamy’s EF nib.

Pilot fountain pens write fine lines
Pilot Human Engineering fountain pen with extra fine nib; Ink: Pilot ink cartridge; Paper: Doodle Note Book

E. B. White, the co-author of the famous little book on writing, emphasises that a writer works just like any other craftsman who has to complete his daily job. Assuming that his work is superior, and that it requires special, convenient conditions, if a writer procrastinates, he will not write one complete work in his life, says the creator of Winnie the Pooh.

”A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper,” warns White.

We all, who have struggled to write some, know that writing is hard-work, and efforts involves thinking, a tiring job. If someone gives me a choice of two tasks, one of heavy workout in a gym for one hour and the other of focused thinking for one hour, I will certainly rush to the gym.

The paper is of a Doodle notebook, and ink is the one sold by Pilot in its cartridges.