Airmail Acrylic Tricolour, Camlin Ink
Airmail Tricolor Fountain Pen

Airmail/Wality has been one of my favourite pens for daily use, the type that one can describe as a ‘workhorse’. Why is this a workhorse for me? One simple reason: you pick it up, and if it is inked, it doesn’t fail you. Its ink capacity is huge, as its barrel is big, really big!

The confusion for the international purchasers remains, as it does with most Indian pens: the nib tip is undefined. I like to call it a Indian F-M; that is, somewhere between European F and M. It writes thicker than the European Fine, but thinner than its Medium.

They sell the pen in Indian market at about USD $ 7. The sharks that sell it online for the white buyers charge crazy amount. But then, sharks act ferociously, don’t they?

Airmail Acrylic Tricolour with Camlin Royal Blue Ink.
Airmail Tricolor

Anthony Hopkins has wisely advised the hoi polloi, which includes yours sincerely as well, that we must not try to impress others with long, difficult words  and cryptic sentences. The purpose of writing is to communicate, not to impress others. We all should aim to write easily understandable sentences, which the readers don’t have to work on to comprehend. That, in itself, is an achievement. No poetry, please.

If you are not a genius, aim to write clear, intelligible prose. That’s all.” –Anthony Hopkins 

This advice has gained importance because English has travelled the whole world and has acquired such flavours that these days, every community writes English using its own rhythms, often making it difficult for others to understand what is being said.

Let us all promise to write ‘simple and clear as the truth’!

The paper on which I have written with the pen is Bilt Matrix Natural Notebook, my daily carry-on for writing ToDo lists. Ink: Camlin Royal Blue — what else can I afford to fill in the every hungry barrel of Airmail/Wality?