Frankly, I do not like this pen. I have their another less expensive model as well. It is half the price of this one, made of all plastic. They provide the same nib for both the models.

The less expensive one, named as Colt, skips while writing. How irritating! And, by Indian standards, even the Colt is not cheap in any way. I had paid about Rs. 500.00!

This one doesn’t skip, but the golden-steel finish, attempting to make the pen look classy, is off-putting. The metal section, though made rough by patterns, as seen in the pictures, is not comfortable to hold. The nib is an ordinary one available in the market, not one specifically made for the pen.


K Nine fountain pen, trying to be a luxury product
Golden Steel of K Nine

I bought this from, where the description says that the pen has a Bold/Broad nib. It doesn’t. When I complained to Amazon, the seller said that they would send me a B nib soon, free of charge. They never did it.

This pen is manufactured by people, it seems, who don’t understand much about nibs, tips, line width and so on. (Besides, why do they insist on calling this straightforward pen an ‘inventor gel’? No obvious answer available anywhere.)

In the quotation, Elmore Leonard says,

If it sounds like writing, rewrite it.

Leonard advises us to polish up our prose to achieve one of the most significant style qualities: while reading, you feel the writer is talking to you. And to achieve this, if you have to re-write your prose to make it sound lucid, do it. Eliminate turns of phrase we do not speak normally.

The K Nine pen is expensive, but not worth the price. The look is attractive, if golden-steel fascinates you. I have inked it with Waterman Serenity Blue. The paper is of my daily doodle book Bilt Matrix Natural.