Recently, one of the readers asked me to list ‘three favourite fountain pens’ from my collection. I fount it difficult to make such a tight list. In reply, I wrote the following piece to describe with which pens I love to write more often.

It was a good exercise as it helped me to question my choices. I observed that I am averse to expensive writing instruments, my preferred pens being those that write well even while available at low rates. I don’t fancy pens as ornaments; they must be tools for beautiful and comfortable writing, not pieces to show off.

The list goes as follows.
A. International Brands
1. Lamy (I have total five. One each in EF, F and B; and two with M nib)
2. Pilot Tank Model (I like the Tank model because it is made of plastic and it is lighter than the MR Animal Print collection. I have three Pilots in Tank model, three in MR Animal Print and one Pilot 78G. I love all Pilots, except the Parallel for calligraphy.)
3. Waterman Phileas (I have two: one black bodied and another with green-black swirling patterns. Both with B nib.)
4. Parker 45 (Only available second hand nowadays. Mine is also a used one.)
5. Pilot 78G with a stub nib

B. My favourite Indian Fountain Pens
1. Kanwrite Heritage (Price Rs. 1500. It has a flex nib; not very soft, but yes, softer than nail nibs.)
2. Camlin 47 (A pen of Rs 80. Believe me, I have 7 of them. If I see one, I have to buy one. I like its hooded nib.It is an old model, conceived years ago to emulate Parker 45.)
3. Airmail/Wality Pens (Any model, my favourite for years)
4. Kanwrite Relik (Rs. 350. I like this one as it has a hooded nib.)
5. Fellowship Neo Piston (Rs. 100. All Fellowships are good, but I like the one with suction pump, a piston, fitted in it. You have to turn the end of the pen to fill up ink.)

C. Pens Meant for School Students I also use following pens meant for school students. They work on cartridges and are easily available in stationery marts of Indian cities. They are so cheap that if you lose one, you don’t regret it. I always carry one in my shirt pocket: 1. Hauser Inx (Rs 50)  2. Flair Inky (Rs 60) 3. Pilot Varsity (Rs. 100. Known in the Indian Market as Pilot’s use-and-throw VPen. Never buy this one from Amazon as they sell the expensive imported one. )  4. Luxor Fluid Pens (Available with cartoon prints in Rs. 40 to Rs. 60.) 5. Platinum Preppy (Rs. 350) 6. Schneider Easy (Rs. 150)