Flair Inky Executive asserts its difference by colour scheme and appearance. Other such pens are available in multiple colours and with cartoon character prints, whereas, the Inky Executive looks decent in single colour, making it clear that the pen is not meant for school children. Fountain Pen lovers and mature users would love to use the pen.

The pen gives Medium lines, not offering any choice in the matter. I call it Indian Varsity, a competitor of Pilot’s famous Varsity. It indeed writes that well. The only disappointment would be the ink colour–probably its blue does not dazzle like Pilot’s blue. Otherwise the smoothness and comfort hold on strongly.

Indian Pilot Varsity, Eponyms
Falir Inky Executive

The example sentence is that of a figure of speech called Eponyms. In this, we take up a prominent and often unique trait of someone and use it to make a point, and not always for comparison. The famous person and his/her quality creates a recognisable link, making the sentence effective. One sentence evokes Amitabh Bachchan’s confidence; and, another one refers to Atals to prove someone’s overtly serious attitude to life.

My only grudge with this and many other such pens in the market is the breadth of the grip–the section part is too broad for schools children to use easily and comfortably. (In that department, Hauser Inx is the best. It is a lot thinner at the grip.)

The pen was tested on Bilt Matrix Natural Notebook. The ink was the one found in the default cartridges given with the pen.

Flair Inky
Examples of Eponyms written with Flair Inky Executive Liquid Fountain Pen