Frankly, I am not the one to fall for great brands when it comes to buying writing instruments. As an Indian, this one cost me a bomb, becoming the most expensive pen I have purchased.

Monteverde Intima, made with acrylic, is a light-weight pen, more for those who love writing than those who wish to impress people by a brand. I love light-weight pens as I use them for writing, not for showing off. I write for at least two hours everyday with pens, making it impossible for me to choose pens made of heavy metals. The heavier ones are for the suit pocket and making a few signatures here and there.

The Intima has a lovely, shiny body with the patterns of swirls, as you can see in the pictures. Its S-shaped clip gives a good grip to the shirt pocket. The contrasting black at both the ends make the pen attractive. The pen has a screw cap, if it matters to you.

Monteverde Fountain Pen
Monteverde Intima


The balance is naturally good, as it is with most light-weight pens. I bought the pen with a 1.1 mm stub nib and a fine nib. I did pay a few extra rupees for the extra nib. The nibs are offered mounted on a feeder, making it easier to change them for those who don’t tinker with fountain pens. I personally love stubs, but this one is a little broader for everyday writing. Comparing it with TWSBI’s stub, I prefer the latter: sold at a reasonably price and gives finer lines. The Monteverde stub is not as wet as, say, Rotring’s s 1.1 stub, however.

Neil Gaiman gives a wonderful advice here for those who strive for a perfect write up. No. Not possible. You will probably never complete your work if you persus perfection. It would be better if you keep writing regularly, either suspending judgment or leaving it for others to offer.

Monteverde Intima Fountain pen
The vertical and horizontal strokes by Monteverde’s 1.1 stub

The pen’s stub was excellent from dot, but the fine nib, the one for which I paid extra, was a little scratchy initially. After some writing done, it went smooth.

And, did you know that Monday is actually ‘the Moon’s Day’? Yes, it is.